Recruitment and Employment Philosophy

Afghanistan Business Management Company (ABMC) strongly believes and strive hard to ensure transparent and equal pay to the basic right of every individual in the workforce. Article 22 of the Constitution stipulates equal rights and equal responsibilities for all the citizens of Afghanistan. The article demonstrates the needs for clear and logical framework to be placed for all the workers to benefit.

ABMC designs this code of practice to be authoritative, inclusive, and work as technical user manual to ensure that workers of all tribe, race, language and gender (man and woman) are hired, benefit other contact concessions, and paid equally without discrimination.

Such transparency creates policy platform and executive processes that address all matters of racism, discrimination, improper behavior, sexual harassment or any other types of ill-treatment that cost the workers monetary and non-monetary lost.

We, at ABMC, have the state of art transparency procedures when it comes to ensuring merit based employment opportunity to all the citizenry of Afghanistan. ABMC believes in merit and talent where vibrancy should speak and put in place its practicality. We are enslaved by what merit and quality of service we believe in.

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